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Project Description

LocalDB Companion is a very simple tool that automates common tasks for developers using LocalDB, focusing on helping them with LocalDB under IIS and ASP.NET.

The tool controls the user's Automatic LocalDB Instance. It appears as a system tray icon and offers several commands through context menu.

LocalDB Companion is also an example of using PInvoke into LocalDB API to control LocalDB instance.

More Info

See Documentation page for more info on usage and functionality.

The tool was created when working on Using LocalDB with Full IIS, Part 2: Instance Ownership. It was meant to automate the steps needed to share user's Automatic LocalDB Instance with ASP.NET application running as Application Pool Identity.

Technology: .NET 4/C#/WinForms

LocalDB Companion uses .NET Framework 4 (Client Profile) as runtime. It is implemented in C# and classic WinForms. The code is organized into two projects contained in a Visual Studio 2010 solution.


LocalDB Companion is free for anyone and Open Source under Microsoft Public License. The License page contains the full license.

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